Privacy policy

  1. The website uses cookies (small cookies), that is, small text information, saved by the server on a computer or other device of people using the Website. This information can be read by the server when re-connecting to the Website from a given computer or other device.
  2. The website uses cookies for the following purposes:
    • adapt the content of the Website pages to the preferences of users and optimize the use of websites; in particular, these files allow to recognize the device of the person using the Website and properly display the content, tailored to his individual needs;
    • adaptation of part of the information displayed on the Website to the interests of the person;
    • create website viewing statistics that help to understand how people use the Website, which allows improving their structure and content.
  3. Cookies are harmless to the computer or other user's device and its data. The operator informs that it is possible to configure the web browser, which prevents the saving of cookies on a computer or other user's device. The result of such a configuration will, however, be the loss of access to some of the Website's services or preventing the use of them.
  4. The operator informs that it is also possible to delete cookies after the end of the session.


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